Superfine® – Finest Gauge Fabrics


Superfine® is our trademark for all fabrics that are produced with a very fine circular or warp knitting gauge. The current fabric collection of Superfine® comprises over 1.500 different fabric choices.

Superfine® fabrics are the finest fabrics that are technologically possible. In our offer we are covering the following technological segments: single jersey, double jersey, finerib, interlock, Jacquard and warp knits.

Superfine® fabrics are distinguished by a completely homogeneous and smooth fabric surface. They are compact and thin and the individual stitches, the stitch wales and columns are hardly visible to the naked eye. For the wearer, these fabrics are fine, smooth and cosy. They are not constraining and do not add weight. They give a sensation of pure lightness and well-being – with a touch of luxury.