The technological production set up at Willy Hermann – Superfine® is extremely diverse. Some production technologies, machine features and innovative characteristics are only available at Willy Hermann. This is manifest in unique fabrics and an unparalleled collection.

Owing to our innovative focus, we are specialists in the fulfilment of new demands. To achieve this, we deploy the latest production technologies and the newest equipment. Apart from large, industrial bulk production, our company is also adapted to cater for smaller seasonal and fashion orders. The repeated change-overs and new set-ups of machines for customer orders, together with our own new developments and trials, are a natural part of our daily work.

Accordingly, we rely on a team of experienced textile technicians and experts in circular and warp knitting. For the most part, these people have gone through our in-house training and apprenticeships as “textile technologists”. All education is specifically geared to our modern machine equipment.