Our RAINBOW fabrics give the perfect solution to how to create marl (heather) fabrics without being tied to an existing yarn colour palette or being forced to purchase a high volume of marl yarns.

RAINBOW means freedom: freedom in your colour choice and freedom in your purchasing volume. You choose – we make it happen. By means of a system of coordinated colour intensities (of pre-treated and prepared yarns) we will dye the marl colour you wish. The resulting visual appearance is exactly the same as for conventional marl yarn – but here not defined by a coloured fibre blend in the yarn (with all the disadvantages) but achieved via the dyehouse.

Our RAINBOW fabrics are offered in MICRO-MODAL® and in cotton. In line with several plain base qualities there are a number of fabric structures, ringlets and stripes, as well as a palette of fabrics using different yarn blends together with the RAINBOW yarn.