Anyone who asks for more than just a comfortable fabric and a beautiful garment to wear will be delighted with our cosmetotextiles. Embedded in this type of fabric are permanent cosmetic properties, which will do good to the human body and will create a feeling of well-being to the consumer.

Speaking technologically, this is achieved by nanotechnology and micro-encapsulation. The active ingredients are released by “mechanical” interaction with the body and will act upon the skin when the garments are being worn. This effect is permanent and proven for dozens of wear-wash cycles.

Some functionalities of our cosmetotextiles are:

  • Aloe Vera for skin care
  • Anti-oxidants for anti-aging effects
  • Vitamins and caffeine-substances for skin firming and against cellulite
  • Substances for the transformation of body warmth into reflected infrared rays to warm the body
  • Cooling fabrics
  • Wellness fabrics with thermal water extracts

A special domain in this collection group is our “scent fabrics”. No matter whether it is strawberry, chocolate, green tea or vanilla, the choice of different scents is large. Also your individual scent creations are possible.