„Liquid Gold“

“Liquid Gold” is a really outstanding collection group. The fabrics have a particularly fluent and heavy drape, a coolness to touch, and such a silky feel that it will be hard for you to take your hands off the fabric – so fascinating is the feeling. Most of these fabrics also have the shiny SplendidS® fabric surface. Garments made from “Liquid Gold” fabrics are not only exceptionally comfortable to wear but will always be true eye-catchers.

“Liquid Gold” offers a multitude of fabric choices, almost a complete offer: a set of plain and base qualities (dull and shiny), an array of coordinated ringlets and structures and visual effects (piqué, micro-surfaces). Moreover, harmonised Jacquard designs and dull-shiny interplays are available.

“Liquid Gold” fabrics will display their full beauty and uniqueness when used in larger garments, such as shorts, panties, shirts, camisoles, nightgowns, teddies and dresses.