Double Layer

One fabric – but two sides! Knitted together as if it was one single fabric only. Double layer fabrics are permanently connected by our knitting technology. This entirely new and exclusive Superfine® technology allows innovative and interesting fabric applications.

In this way, fabrics can be manufactured which apply a natural fibre next to the skin of the wearer, combined with a beautiful synthetic yarn on the outside. Alternatively, a functional yarn with skin care properties is worn next to the skin with another yarn on the exterior. Such double-sided, double-material effects may also be combined with two-tone colouring, giving an additional visual support to these technological fabrics.

Double layer fabrics may also be used as a substitute for the lamination of fabrics, thus omitting the costly process of glueing two fabrics together. The disadvantages of high cost, high fabric waste and the lack in durability can be avoided altogether.

Typical fields of application are: shapewear, functional garments and moulded cups.