Freecut / Cleancut

A great many of our SUPERFINE® fabrics and special fabric constructions have freecut / cleancut possibilities. This means, that fabrics can be cut and used in garments without the need to close the cut edges with seams.

While in earlier times freecut / cleancut was restricted to fabrics from warp knitting, and then only to fabrics made from synthetic yarns, the diverse SUPERFINE® developments made it possible to transfer this property to circular knitted fabrics. SUPERFINE® also succeeded in manufacturing the first-ever freecut fabrics from natural fibres that can be processed with open edges and without seams. The cut edges can be left open and will not deteriorate while wearing the garments or after multiple wear-wash cycles. Despite the lack of seams or even waistbands, these fabrics will provide perfect fit and comfort.

Garments being elaborated with SUPERFINE® freecut / cleancut technology are particularly muted and tasteful – the perfect garments for every day. There are no constraining or itchy seams and no tight waistband. Freecut / cleancut underwear will hardly be visible under regular clothes and will not show any panty lines on the outside.