STeP – certified by Oeko-Tex
Willy Hermann – Superfine® is STeP certified for a “Sustainable Textile Production”. An environmentally sustainable and socially responsible production is acknowledged and certified, in particular with a view to: the use of environmentally friendly technologies and production processes, the efficient use of natural resources, as well as the compliance with labour conditions and social standards.

Eco-Tex Standard 100
All of our fabrics are certified according to Eco-Tex Standard 100 and therefore are tested for harmful substances. Our fabrics are certified to be human ecologically harmless to the wearer.

For many years Willy Hermann – Superfine® has been a certified and accredited user of US-American extra long-staple cotton of the Supima® category. These cotton fibres represent the best and cleanest cotton fibres available in the world.

Sea Island
Sea Island cotton marks the qualitative peak of all cotton fibres worldwide. Sea Island cotton has the longest staple fibre and is very subtle. Only 0.0004% of world cotton fibre production is obtained in Sea Island. It is an absolutely rare and precious top-of-the-line product.

Superfine® certificate
By means of the Superfine® certificate of honour we confirm to our long-standing customers the authenticity of their Superfine® purchases at Willy Hermann, confirming the high-grade quality of their garment products.

Apprenticeship excellence
Due to our excellent quality in the training and education of apprentices in our company, our company receives the status of “apprenticeship excellence” from Austria’s Chamber of Commerce on an annual basis.