The age-old problem in underwear and corsetry of how to embed functionality and shaping properties into fabrics and at the same time offer a high degree of wearing comfort to the consumer was solved by the shapewear fabric developments of Willy Hermann – Superfine®.

These fabrics offer true functionality (power, stretch, elongation, recovery, modulus) and therefore comply with all the demands that modern shapewear requires. At the same time, these fabrics are fine gauge knitted, they show a completely homogeneous and even fabric surface and they are tendentially of lighter fabric weights. In a word, beautiful fabrics combined with functionality.

Shapewear fabrics of Willy Hermann are not constraining and are comfortable and light to wear. At the same time, functionality is given to the full extent.

In our range of “cosmetotextiles” we integrate care and wellness properties into our fabrics, which offer an extra value to the consumer and create an additional sense of well-being.