Fine gauges

Superfine®’s lead in innovation is derived from the fine knitting gauges. The gauge indicates how many knitting needles per inch (2.54 cm) are working on a particular circular or warp knitting machine when producing fabrics. Whereas standard fabrics have only 20 to 28 needles per inch, Superfine® will go up to 80, thus using more than four times as many needles in the same space.

It is evident, therefore, that this extreme fineness puts completely new and high requirements on the mechanics, machine adjustments, yarn utilisation and procedures in dyeing and finishing, as well as the handling of the fabrics at all stages of the process.

This technological fineness translates into the final product, namely a new category of knitted fabrics which is unparalleled. The “fine mechanics” of Superfine® also give us the possibility to produce fabrics which until recently were considered to be unachievable. Examples of these are strongly performing shapewear fabrics with comparatively low fabric weights and very high wearing-comfort, or fabrics with elastane contents of over 60 %.