Willy Hermann – Superfine® has developed a technology and a process of how to make fabrics from natural fibres much more upmarket and elegant. In addition to the machine fineness (fine gauges) and the premium quality (and fineness) of the applied yarns, the intrinsically dull natural fibres are treated in a way to achieve an attractive, shiny fabric surface.

The sheen of the fabric surface can be light or intense, but most importantly, the fabrics remain soft and supple. They are more beautiful and cosier to wear. In addition, some technical parameters, such as a propensity for pilling or moiré-effects, are strongly reduced or completely avoided.

The technological equipment and the defined process stages required for this treatment are only available at Willy Hermann. For this very reason, and due to their special and unique character, these fabrics are available under the registered trademark “SplendidS® – Sophisticated Shine Surface”.