Tubular fabrics with self-start hem

Tubular fabrics with a self-start hem are very classic and upmarket products. This type of fabric is present in a number of collections of leading underwear quality brands.

The distinguishing product feature, apart from being a tubular fabric (thus having no side seam), is the integrated and knitted-on hem (solid edge). The hem is small (thin) and carefully finished off. There are no seams so the hem will lie flat and almost invisible next to the body, which is why this fabric type is also called “invisible hem”.

Our tubular knitting machines in this field are of comparatively fine machine gauges. The resulting fabrics are accordingly fine and thin. The special character of these products is enhanced by the application of high-end yarns (e.g. ply yarns) or through mercerisation of the fabric surface. As a consequence, the garments will become even more elegant and durable.

We are also in a position to offer this product category with full Jacquard design options. There are almost no limits to the design so it is possible, within one single knitting piece, to change the knitting construction, which will offer completely new styling options.