Anyone who loves natural fibres and does not want to abandon functional fabric properties, will find our unique SKINDRY fabrics made from MICRO-MODAL® just right . Until recently, fabric properties like humidity transfer or keeping the body dry and warm could only be achieved by the use of synthetic fibres.

SKINDRY was specifically developed for natural fibres to work as a climate buffer for the body. The ability of the fibre to absorb body humidity (storage) remains intact; at the same time the fabric will ensure diffusion to the outside. The properties of absorbing and transferring humidity, which seem to be contradictory, are combined in the functionality of these fabrics. The feeling of coldness or wetness when in direct contact with the skin is heavily reduced, as the humidity will diffuse to the outside.

This type of fabric is ideal for hobby sports, soft sports (like yoga) and also for day and nightwear.