Development path

Willy Hermann was the first company in the world to manufacture fine gauge fabrics on an industrial basis. The market trend for fine gauge fabrics was initiated by Willy Hermann and still today is significantly determined by Willy Hermann. The company can look back on years of experience in this demanding and complex domain of production.

More than 15 years ago, the Superfine® development was started by Willy Hermann and, together with our partners, was pushed forward from textile machine making to the stage when series-production readiness could be achieved. The starting point was Superfine® in gauge E44 as single jersey, which at that time represented the technological limit. From then on, the Superfine® technology of Willy Hermann has gone through a continuous refinement, reaching the world record fineness of gauge 80 and spreading out to different technologies of fabric construction. This development path has not yet come to an end.