Since 1934 Willy Hermann has been a specialist in the manufacture of knitted fabrics for the market segments of underwear, lingerie, sports and leisure wear and swimwear, as well as home and loungewear. In addition, more and more of our fabric developments find their application in the domain of technical textiles.

We have at our disposal a fully integrated production with our own dyeing and finishing plant. In the four big production departments of circular knitting, warp knitting, knitting of body-sized tubular fabrics and Santoni/Seamless, the greige fabrics are produced at our site in Hard, Austria. Dyeing and finishing of our greige fabrics take place at our own company site in Niederfrohna in Germany.

Our Superfine®-fabrics are unique. In their fabrication, they are characterised by extremely fine and elaborated circular and warp knitting gauges. For the consumer this translates into fabrics of exceptional wearing comfort and garments that are both beautiful and aesthetic and will stand out from the crowd.