The Superfine® collection is aimed at the requirements of the most demanding customers and is also our largest independent collection group. However, high quality and high technological claims do not always mean a high price. In every case the prices of these fabrics can be compared to those of standard fabrics if the price/performance ratio is taken into account.

Superfine® fabrics offer the crucial advantage of having been manufactured without a centre crease. For the garment manufacturer this results in a considerable cost advantage of some 10 to 15%, as no centre crease needs to be paid attention to in the cutting of the fabrics. Moreover, fabric waste is reduced. This is a feature which standard fabrics cannot offer in any case.

The Superfine® collection comprises a number of distinct fabric groups:

  • plain fabrics from natural fibres
  • ringlets and stripes from natural fibres
  • plain fabrics from synthetic yarns
  • ringlets and stripes from synthetic yarns
  • “High Power” fabrics with a strong power / elongation ratio
  • structures and surface effects
  • “Fine Gauges” – to summarize all world record finenesses
  • new technologies and fabric constructions (the “cutting edge” of new developments)