Willy Hermann – Superfine® enjoys, with its customers, a reputation for a very diverse collection which is continually being renewed and at the same time is very sophisticated in terms of quality and technological implementation. The number of suppliers on world markets who are able to offer something comparable is very restricted.

Beside the broad technological basis, Willy Hermann – Superfine® works with an array of different yarns and yarn combinations. In the field of natural fibres these are, in particular, cotton, Micro-Modal®, wool and wool/silk blends, but also bamboo and organic cotton are in use. In the field of synthetic fibres, polyamide and polyester are the main fibres. Moreover, a range of synthetic yarns incorporating defined functional properties through nanotechnology and micro-encapsulation is applied.

By far the greatest part of all the fabric qualities of Willy Hermann – Superfine® is fabrics with bi-stretch properties, partly with very high elongation values. Most frequently the application of our fabrics is in garments worn next to the skin (underwear, shirts, swimwear), where the factors of stretch and recovery are of extreme importance.