Santoni / Seamless kniting

Santoni / Seamless knitting today constitutes an independent and established domain of our whole production. Willy Hermann acted as a pioneer in the first adoption of the Santoni / Seamless technology as soon as it became available on the market and was one of the first companies in the world to work with prototypes of this new technology.

Compared to the other production technologies, Santoni / Seamless does not manufacture continuous fabrics (in meters) but produces semi-finished parts (in pieces). As a decisive feature, Santoni / Seamless parts are characterised by being a tube without side-seams and by having an integrated (knitted-on) waistband. In order to cover the entire size-spectrum, we are working on machine diameters from 11 to 16 inches and with special machines for the production of sleeves.

This product type finds its application in the market segments of underwear, sports and active wear, as well as in medical products.