Seasonal collections

Within the framework of our seasonal collections, we implement and translate fashion and colour trends and respond to on-coming international trends – but not only the fashion market for underwear / lingerie and outerwear is monitored. On a regular basis, general life-style trends and the developments in other textile market segments, such as home and household textiles, are part of our design reflections. Very often, we are among the first to incorporate new mega-trends, such as “shapewear”, into our collection.

General fashion trends materialise in our collection not only as new colours but also as a multitude of patterned and structured new fabric developments. Very frequently, Jacquard designs, structures, ringlets and stripes are realised in two-tone or multi-tone colours.

A permanent part of our seasonal, new fabric introductions is always the latest technological innovations as they are derived from newly available yarns, new machine technologies or new dyeing and finishing methods.